A treasured Samsung SUHD Experience

samWith Samsung SUHD TV, every scene will be Spectacular and every moment Immersive…

Wanna experience its revolutionary Nano Crystal Technology, all before you think of buying it?

Here is Karmatech Mediaworks bringing to you an unforgettable Diving Experience underlining Samsung Super Ultra High Definition TV’s exclusive Nano Crystal Technology- i.e. Nano Contrast, Nano Brightness and Nano Colors.

You can through this exhilarating experience, either with your webcam or mouse. Once you start, you will be asked to choose your diving costume, then, you will be proceeded further.

As you proceed, you will find how Nano Crystal Technology will Influence and Upgrade your Diving Adventure, revealing brilliant colors, bolder images, dynamic contrast and seamless technology.

All by just waving your hand or hovering mouse Right to left. We, as a creative Digital Agency, again have creatively used Kinect technology for this remarkable experience that works by sensing Motion Gestures.

At last, while you finish off, you can take a Diver Selfie, Download it or share it on any social platform you want.