How to neutralize negative feedback & improve Online Reputation


Negative reviews received either from unhappy customers, annoyed ex-employees or close competitors are a challenge for any business, no matter big or small.

hello The reality is that negative reviews can hugely impact the purchasing decisions of your customers. According to a research, while 76 percent of people read online reviews before choosing a brand, 80 percent of the consumers change their decision to purchase on a bad review. In short, your online reputation is critical for attracting and maintaining customers.

But, there is nothing to worry about as even the best of businesses encounters bad review. Here is how you can take on negative feedback if it pops up.

1- Start building a positive online reputation from the beginning itself

According to a research, while a dissatisfied customer will tell the story to 10-15 people, a happy customer will tell about his experience to about 5-6 people. This means that you need 2-3 times more positive reviews/feedback to neutralize negative feedback about your business.

Be proactive as it comes to getting feedback posted online. Ask your customers to praise you on social media from the day one.

2- Give a thorough response to the negative reviews

Negative reviews can even add authenticity to your online business, when sustained with a thoughtful response. However, avoid getting caught up in an online spat that pointlessly brings attention to the complaint. Provide a one-time, careful and thorough response to a negative review, but avoid descending to the level of internet trolls trading comment-by-comment.

3- Act smartly and you might be able to convert haters into loyal fans

According to experts, it takes at least 12 positive incidents to neutralize one negative incident. Yet if you respond fast to an online complaint with a little personal touch and spirit to solve the issue, it will work wonders.

For example, if a customer complains to you through social media, acknowledge that feedback and take the conversation to your email, private messaging or completely offline. Do what you can do to resolve the issue or just follow up with a service credit or gift card along with a personal message.

4- Be creative in addressing Potential Negative issues

You might face a completely reputation denting challenge, in that situation, step back and think about what might be the most positive action that you can take. Think out of the box as much as possible. Being unexpected in your response can prove to be very effective. Humor is often a good remedy.