Instagram to Extend Video ads to 60 seconds

InstagramWith 400 million active users, facebook is now aiming to monetize Instagram!!!

Instagram is now rolling out a new feature for advertisers where they can run 60-seconds video ads instead of 30 seconds.

Isn’t it strange to see social platforms like Twitter and Instagram, who used to emphasize on brevity earlier, are now thinking of extending their attention spans. Why? Why???

One of the spokesperson said that though it’s important to capture people’s attention in the first few seconds, the idea behind introducing a minute long video ad is that it is also important for marketers to have creative flexibility as it comes to driving their business goals.

Moreover, Instagram is looking forward to take the advantage of shift in ad spend from television to digital. And, they believe, to do that they can’t restrict advertisers to formats and lengths. The requirement to produce special ads just for instagram could discourage them from running campaigns.

First to take the advantage of a minute long ads were two companies- T-Mobile and Warner Bros. While the telecom company has uploaded the super bowl commercial with Drake, the movie studio went on to promote their upcoming movie “How to Be Single”.

But…While the brands will get more time to promote and sell their products on instagram, people like you and me will have 15 seconds to shout out our stories. Sad, No? :( :( :P :P