What you should do to attain Modern SEO driven approach?

Modern SEO driven approachSEO, now have changed dramatically and believe me, it is for good. Why? Because if it has changed, it has changed in favor of content creators, like us :).

Google have now started rewarding content marketing over spam bots and link building tricks. So it’s a big victory for a Good Content which is definitely a good thing.

But, why Google did such changes??? Obviously, Google would have started to see these elements as a symbol of quality, as this will do a better job of connecting search users to quality content.

For a long time, SEO was all about tricks and tactics, optimization and opportunism. Not anymore, because SEO is now only about content and… lots of content. There is a great opportunity for content marketers to use SEO Driven tactics. Its like- we already have the content- all we need to do is to add a little SEO tactics to the work.

Here is a guide on how you can follow modern SEO driven approach.

  • Find the keywords crucial for your business. Type a single keyword and Google will automatically provide you a list of words related to your primary keyword. There are several tools that can help you with this. The most common and notable one is Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

    Not only it will help you get number of keywords, but will give you an idea, what your readers like to search about.

  • The list of keywords you have just created can act as your checklist or keyword goals. These are the words; you want your website to rank well for. On the basis of your present rank for each keyword, you can prepare an editorial calendar stating one keyword phrase to be covered in a week with blog posts.
  • Each time you create a post, make sure your content is optimized for each keyword. You can use tools to ensure your content stays on point. Not only into the content’s body, get your team into practicing keywords in the heading tags also. This will put a great impact on the quality of your post.
  • Every day people spend a lot of time on their mobile devices and tablets, but despite of that there are websites which are not designed for different screen sizes and load time. Mobile optimization will make sure you are not inadvertently turning the mobile visitors away by taking care of site design, site structure and page speed. Please note that if your website is well optimized for search engines, there are just few changes you need to do when optimizing for mobile.
  • Gone are the days when web users wanted global information, now they want personal results that get them precisely to where they live. Hence, there is no question to whether you should optimize your business website for local search or not. You can use Google Adwords keyword tool to find the local keywords attracting the search traffic or you can check out your web analytics to see what those visitors have used to find your website.