Why upload videos directly to Facebook and not link to YouTube?

Facebook videosFacebook videos are considered as the most potential post types today; if they are engaging, they can create a huge buzz and brand awareness among people.

According to the CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Year 2015 has been a huge year for facebook videos, as the daily video views have been reached to more than double i.e. to 8 billion by the year end. Also, if YouTube links have been posted about 8 times more than Facebook, it is surprising to see that both the options have generated a similar number of interactions.

When posting a video, you will get two options: to upload videos directly from the computers or post a link to your videos on YouTube. Which procedure would you choose and Why? To let you decide logically- we are here with, why you should prefer posting Facebook videos rather than YouTube Links?

1) You can automate your content calendar by scheduling videos in advance

Whether you are planning an exclusive release or longing to schedule a video post for your page, this feature of scheduling videos allows you to automate your content calendar.

2) You can set expiry dates for your Videos

When you set an expiration date to a video, it gets unpublished automatically. This means that it will not be visible anywhere on your page or anywhere you have shared it, though page owners can access to its insights. This feature of facebook videos is useful for those with licensing restrictions.

3) You can tell your story with or without sound by adding captions

Since the Facebook videos autoplay in News Feed with sound off, it makes sense to think about a procedure through which you can tell your story without sound. For that, you can add captions to your video that viewers can easily understand or you can provide text overlays and banners to keep the user engaged or you can also experiment by narrating data points with moving graphics and images.

4) You can edit and manage videos in your Video Library

In the Video Library, you can organize and manage your videos easily. You can locate or filter specific videos with their title or description. You can also change, edit or modify any details related to your videos.

5) You can embed your Facebook videos anywhere

Facebook’s video player allows you to show facebook videos on your own websites. If you are thinking to make any declaration or a special moment around your video, you can share your videos embed code with press, partners and others.