BMW Races on Virtual Track!

And the Well Deserved CREDIT goes to Karmatech! A Big Win to cherish about… Must ADMIT!

Well, obviously the aim was to create a BUZZ around their forthcoming BMW 1 Series but our goal box, as digital innovates was to do a campaign connecting ground, web, mobile and social mediums.

BMW 1 Series Drive Dynamic Challenge, the multiplayer racing game carried out in the premium malls of five cities namely Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Bengaluru. It was typically a Dynamic Racing game where in players used Ipads to speed up, control and reverse their BMW Cars.

How we did it? Not as simple as saying, we created an ipad application for IOS platform and synched it with the game. Well, it took lots of innovations, ideas and hard work, well paid off later! ;)

Did it actually created buzz over Social Media? Yes, apparently more than 2000 people played the game and shared their experiences, scores and pictures that further helped brand reach over 200,000-target audience. Adding to the crown, BMW facebook page have now more than 2 million fans to rejoice. :) :)

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