Dulux Wall vs. You! Who will win?

A visual is worth a thousand words!!!

Imagine, what a game with thousands of visuals would worth for?

Karmatech Mediaworks have created a gaming experience for Dulux with Motion Gesture and Kinect technology not only just to showcase the features of Dulux WeatherShield Powerflexx Exterior Paint but to ingrain it into the minds of people.

Let’s see how…it’s Dulux Wall vs. You.

Well, the whole idea of creating this game was to expose a house coated with Dulux WeatherShield to the adverse of weather attacks like heavy rainfall, dust storm, extreme heat and cracks induced by the user and test the endurance of wall against them.

The Use of Motion Sensor technology…

User will have the power to inflict damage to the house inducing certain weather conditions with their hand gestures. Motion Gesture technology will help the user increase the power by increasing the intensity of their movements.

There are 4 levels of experiencing different weathers with Dulux WeatherShield Game and each level lasts for 45 seconds.

Level 1: At this level, the aim of the user would be to produce more and more rain to damage the house. The faster their hands move, ‘motion tracker’ will increase the intensity of rainfall while converting it into a heavy rainfall and then to the flood.

Level 2: The user will throw heat balls towards the house, where increasing the intensity of their movements will increase the overall temperature. Even this act will leave the powerflexx home untouched.

Level 3: User will induce dust with their hand gestures. The intensity of the movements from user will calculate the damage inflicted. Despite of inducing dirt storm, dirt guard will keep the house unaffected.

Level 4:  At this level, user has to make cracks on the exteriors of the house with the help of their actions and movements. Fast movement will inflict more damage, but will be unable to influence the Powerflexx walls.

So, it’s again Karmatech Mediaworks have attempted something unique with Kinect and Motion Gesture. Commendable, Isn’t?