In the era of Mobile Phones: How far will the Desktops Survive?

Mobile-App-developersWithout any doubt, we are witnessing an era where Small yet Smart Mobile phones are taking over the Age-old Desktops, be it in any way.

Here is another avowal adding to it.

Guess what? Google has officially announced that today, across the globe, Google Searches occur more on Mobile than Desktops.

This is for the first time ever; search queries that used to occur on Google from desktops are taking a worldwide lead on Mobile Phones. Isn’t this looks like our Mobile phones approaching their full-grown power?

Earlier it was reported that the US, Japan and eight other countries have seen more Google searches on mobile devices than on desktop computers. However, the trend has reached the world literally.

Also note, it is not that desktop numbers are reducing in every country. No, they are not. It’s just more searches are being performed on mobile devices than ever before. You can call it an addictive effect.