Karmatech Beside Creyate, Create History in E-Retailers World!


Creyate Created History…the time it was awarded “Best Use of Technology- E-Retailer of the Year 2015” Award by Franchise India.

WHAT grabs them such a BIG Win?

For giving their buyers ‘Customized Clothing’ Delight through a Digital Way!!! Even though Creyate is quite a Newbie in Indian e-retail scenario, they dared to think BIG. And that spirit of being ‘unique’ and ‘the best’ helped them revolutionize Offline shopping experience of shoppers as they actually comes up with “a factory at fingertips”

Where are we?

Karmatech was all there while the brand was stepping up for success! Well coming to the point, we would obviously like to boast about it. Yes, we created a Digital Wall for Creyate, wherein customers could personalize and design their own attires picking buttons, sleeves, designs, fabric and other details, one could just imagine about. As it was based on Kinect technology, one could make selections using their gestures only.

What Say? Well, we don’t mind getting as many pats on our back, be it again and again and again!!!

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