Twitter Plans to expand Tweet’s character limit

Twitter character LimitKnow what! It’s in News that Twitter’s trademark feature is all set to change. Yes, the company is soon going to extend the 140 character limits of tweets to as many as 10,000 and the plan will probably execute in the first quarter of 2016.

After the news spilled out, twitter’s co-founder and CEO jack Dorsey tweeted a screenshot of 1,317 characters, to explain- what compelled him to get this expansion done… in a tweet (with text screenshot), he said that they have observed people on twitter, tweeting a text with screenshots, so, what if that text, would actually become a text that could be searched or highlighted?

Some of the twitter’s devoted user base reacted erratically to this news however, commenting that this could spoil the brevity of this social media service. Their point was- Twitter, being known for creating headlines and quips, with the introduction of this feature will now become a blogging platform, somewhat similar to Facebook.

Dorsey ensured, even with this change twitter will aim to retain the look and feel of the user timeline; to view the tweets, longer than 140 characters, users will have to click to expand. And as a way to encourage brevity, the user will be signaled, if they cross the threshold, writing a tweet beyond 140 characters limit.